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Did Paris Hilton Make Up Dead Puppy Stories To Sell Her New Show? Coyote, My Ass 18.Sep.2008

Not just miniature, but closet-sizedThis from a girl who isn't exactly honest. She told Larry King she didn't do drugs while pictures of her and her friends partying like rock stars were everywhere. She said she only had one drink when she got popped for DUI - that girl has never had just one drink in her life. Hell, she probably told Benji he was her first ... and to ignore any pesky lesions that might crop up.

And now that Wonky has a new reality show coming up - which will most surely suck - she had to find a way back into the spotlight. It's not like she's on the A-list party circuit anymore. They still take her picture, but most of the time "they" are paid employees. She can't say she's pregnant; you know Benji is probably triple-bagging it at this point, if he's even still tapping it.

What's a girl to do? Well, she had to lose a couple of her precious Chihuahuas, but not the way she loses her keys or rolling papers. It had to be dramatic, violent, bloody even. Something that might even make people feel sorry for her. So Paris released a statement that two of her wee pups were mauled by a coyote. Hey, it does happen where she lives, but considering her track record as a pet owner, I doubt the end was so quick. Be sure to watch her show, though, so she can go out and buy more dogs to neglect. Paris thanks you. (wink wink)