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Who's That Girl Grabbing Jessica Biel's Ass? But Only When Jt's Not Looking. 25.Oct.2007

Game-side cameraderie? I've always thought there was something odd about this couple. For one thing, they've never really acted ... normal. Either they're both scowling and acting like they're the last people they'd want to be seen with or they hold hands with all the warmth of a igloo pop.

Then we see this picture, taken at some game where the couple were down by the sidelines. While Jessica and JT kept their usual lukewarm distance from one another, the minute the little boy/man/manboy turned around, this other equally (to Jessica) muscular gal got a nice handful of Jessica's high, tight ass ... and kept her hand there ... until JT turned around again, when she removed it quickly, before he could see. For her part, Jessica took it ... like a man ... not flinching an inch. It was almost like she was quite used to this friend's intimate touch. She sure didn't seem to mind, anyway.

Like I said before, I'm confused. Exactly who's the beard here? Is she afraid of hurting her career if she comes out? Or is he paying her to keep up appearances?