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Carson Daly Is A Scum-sucking Scab, Crosses Picket Lines Then Begs Friends For Jokes. 27.Nov.2007

Daly rhymes with scalySuch a loser. But then again, what do you expect from someone who was engaged to Tara Reid, for cryin' out loud?

Worried about losing his pathetic little half-hour late show that nobody watches, Carson has made the conscious decision to ignore the plight of his striking writers - you know, the ones who made him sound funny and smart - and begin filming his show again. Dirtbag. Other than David Letterman, who is paying his entire staff's salaries while the strike continues, no other late night host is doing this walk of shame.

It was only after returning to his lonely little studio that Carson realized he had bigger trouble on his hands. Carson is not a member of the Writers' Guild. He is unable to create his own material (there's not much behind those big glassy eyes). What's a remorseless opportunist to do? Simple. Carson set up a joke hotline and sent all three of his friends an email, imploring them to hit up their "celeb friends", "golfing pals" or, get this, "random peeps", for joke material. Gag! When they cancel his show because he's such a loser will he hit them up for lunch money, too?