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Britney Spears: A Little Drink, A Little Dance, A Little Out Of Her Pants 17.May.2007

Yup. She looks high again.NOW she wears a bra? Those pants are so low, her entire ass must be hanging out in back. By all reports, Britney has given up her charade of sobriety. She's been out in the clubs almost every night, pounding back shots ... if she's not blowing rails in the loo yet, it won't be long. The above picture certainly is incriminating.

Britney dressed like this to hang out with Ryan Philippe, Reese Witherspoon's not-quite ex for a night of dinner and clubbing. They left within minutes of each other, but no one knows if they ended the night together.

Ryan is auditioning for the role of meat puppet vacated by Howie Day, who checked himself back into Promises, where he first met Britney, after a night out on the town that ended with a sleepover. I guess it's safe to say that it's not healthy for these two to be around each other.

Britney is also rumored to have completely cut her mother off, refusing to speak with her since Mom and K-Fed forced her into rehab. Now that it seems rehab isn't sticking, it's only a matter of time before we see Britney denied entrance to Casa Federline yet again.