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John Krasinski Lands Himself A Sweet Deal With Verizon. It’s Almost As Good As His Gap Ad. 13.Nov.2008

JKrasThough I wouldn? t mind seeing him on television more (frankly I think he should get an Office spin-off and not Andy and it can be called "Jim Makes Faces for an Hour") John Krasinski has decided to provide his wonderful, soothing voice to Verizon with their new BlackBerry Storm phone campaign. You know the new commercials? Your sitting there going ? Whose voice is that? !? You are also probably thinking, isn? t this just the iPhone but slightly less pretty? BlackBerry Storm(I still love you BlackBerry. I am a devoted CrackBerrian.)Well it is Mr. Krasinski? s. He may be playing it safe for a bit since his last two films didn? t fare so well (License to Wed and Leatherheads) though he was great in both. I am pretty much cool with anything he does. And I hear from an inside source who works with him on the Verizon campaign that he is wicked funny, especially on conference calls. I used the word wicked because Johnny-boy is from Newton, Mass.John as Jim