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Tom Sends Katie Off To Scientology Boot Camp. Good Robot Wives Must Stay With Exalted Ruler 30.Apr.2008

Boot camp? !? Surprised? You shouldn't be. Nor should Katie, but she got her hopes up about appearing on Broadway, even though she had no stage experience. Last week the tabloids rumbled with talk of Katie wanting a trial separation from Tommy and his stacked heels. Tom used the baby's birthday party as an excuse to get really close to Katie, and as soon as the paparazzi wasn't looking, he threw a pillowcase over her head and had her shipped to the brainwashing ... I mean, reprogramming center the church calls Gold Base, a grotty little camp in Hemet, CA.

Katie reportedly spent three days in seclusion being bombarded with a steady diet of church propaganda, confessions, and auditing sessions, some of which went on for 36 hours without a break and with little food. It would seem that Katie has had her fill of being Tom's pet wife and wants to spread her wings a little. If he wasn't so insecure, he'd realize that she just needs a little "me" time.

Will the church finally wear Katie down, robbing her of her spontaneity and ability to form her own opinions? It's gone pretty far down that road already, and by the looks of Katie lately, I'd say she's probably getting sick of the whole dog-and-pony show. I wonder if Tom let her watch David Beghe's video.