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Happy Birthday, Shiloh! Can You Believe She's Already Three?!? 27.May.2009

Birthday girlTalk about the best of both worlds - Shiloh is the perfect combination of Brangelina - with Dad's fair hair and eyes, Mom's gorgeous full lips Shiloh is a born superstar. She's just the cutest.

No word on what the Jolie-Pitts are doing to celebrate Shiloh's third birthday. Perhaps they'll buy her an exotic island or a fleet of Barbie cars. Well, maybe not. Brad and Angelina have never seemed to really spoil their kids much. You never see them going to FAO to drop a hundred grand like some other celebrity parents.

Who will Shiloh celebrate her big day with? I think the perfect date would be Kingston Rossdale, who's about the same age. Suri would probably get jealous, but she'll get over it. Besides, soon her Build-A-Bear army will be complete and she will take over the world, crushing the puny mortals who get in her way.