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The Ring Isn't Working: Leann Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Spotted Together Again 18.May.2009

Not really trying to be discreetIn all fairness, she did marry young. Now that she's closing in on 30 maybe she's getting restless, a little bored with her show husband (I don't care how much they deny it; he does not look like he likes girls) and along comes this dashing guy who sweeps her off her feet. There's just one not-so-little problem: Dude is married. Way married. With kids even.

Somehow I don't think that matters much to Leann. The humiliation of being photographed nuzzling and sucking her co-star's fingers in a restaurant wasn't enough to stop them. It slowed them down ... temporarily. Maybe they really tried to stay away from each other for that two months. But they couldn't stay honest. I wonder who made the first move, who called who.

Whoever, whatever, is irrelevant. The shameless hussies were sighted at LA's Staples Center bar, where TMZ spotted and shot them. And now the whole world knows again - including poor Eddie's wife and children. Way to go. Assholes.