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Lily Allen Googles Herself Ten Times A Day. It's A Wonder She's Not Blind. And Hairier 20.Feb.2009

Usually it's her footI just bet she doesn't wash her hands either. That means she's dirty as well as brainless.

Lily Allen is her own worst enemy, and she likes it just fine like that. She loves making inflammatory statements like "parents should let their kids try drugs and see for themselves", then denying she even said it. That's like her saying she's going to stop drinking, then stumbling out of the pubs shitfaced two months later. She has no idea what she's saying, but she'll do anything to stay in the spotlight, including exposing her third nipple.

While Lily confesses to being totally self-obsessed, she does say she's kicked the grampy sex thing - there will be no more elderly men in her bed. That will last as long as all her other proclamations - which is twice as long as any of her boyfriends. I've seen bread last longer.