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Diet Pills, Energy Drinks And Low Blood Sugar: Will Britney Relapse Again? Not If Papa Can Help It 09.Jul.2009

Still pointing downI'm not the only one who thinks there's trouble brewing. The stress of being pushed to perform night after night, month after month, is beginning to take its toll on Britney. First it was the new dye job. Not that it wasn't flattering, but any time Brit messes with her hair is cause for concern. She also seems to have given up the bra - is Papa Spears out sick this week? Surely he didn't let her go to Paris alone.

This week the Enquirer breaks the story of Britney's collapse during rehearsal, said to be a result of low blood sugar, something her father allegedly wants to keep quiet. Guilty conscience? I guess that's what happens when you live on the blood and sweat of your children.

Betty Confidential takes it one step further, saying that Britney's been abusing diet pills, even going so far as to wash them down with energy drinks. They say she's got her assistant buying over-the-counter pills to fly under Papa's radar. Combining all that with whatever psych meds she's supposed to be on is a recipe for disaster, but somehow I don't think anyone will do anything as long as she's able to work. It's funny, isn't it, how the Spears can all enjoy the good life on Britney's tab and not be criticized like the Jacksons or the Lohans. Looks like Papa's not as dumb as he looks.