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Holy Stork Watch! Nicole Richie And Christina Aguilera Are Giving Birth ... Right Now! 11.Jan.2008

The storks will be busyHold on ... I just checked: Christina has already delivered her baby. While no formal announcements have been made, it was announced previously that they're expecting a boy. As big as Christina was this week, the baby probably weighed about 23 lbs. Not one to get herself messy, Christina had scheduled her C-section for this weekend, so there was no real surprise involved - and so she could get a tummy tuck while they were in there. In three weeks the tabloids will be amazed at how quickly she popped back into shape.

Nicole is currently in the delivery ward at Cedars-Sinai with Joel. Waiting anxiously in the wings are Nicole's parents and Joel's brother, Benji. Unlike Christina, Nicole is planning a normal delivery. Also unlike Christina, Nicole had a tiny little tummy - her baby will probably weigh about three lbs. at birth, but will quickly double in weight, dwarfing its mother.