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Something Borrowed Is Filming!! 05.May.2010

Ginnifer and Kate filming Something BorrowedThe cast of the highly anticpated film adaptation of the novel Something Borrowed has been busy filming for the last few weeks. Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson have been sporting some great looks (well mostly Kate.) Ginnifer whose character Rachel is supposed to be playing a bit of a plain jane compared to her best friend Darcy played of course by Miss Hudson. Playing the show-off, hottie best friend. Quite a stretch for Kate. That is totally different than her role in Bride Wars. The rest of the cast is looking pretty stellar as well. My boyfriend John Krasinski is playing the role of Ethan, Rachel's platonic extremely cute male best friend who I have a feeling maybe becomes her future boyfriend but that wouldn't make sense for a romantic comedy. Then Melrose Place hottie Collin Egglesfield will be playing Dex, Darcy's fiance, who Rachel ends up having an affair with and just for shits and giggles Collin Farrel plays Dex's best friend, Marcus. Hilary Swank has also been seen around the set but it looks like she is a producer and not in the cast.Ginnifer