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Lesbian Lohan? Love It! 13.Apr.2007

I don? t know why I adore this trashbag, but I do. Even against the opinion of my personal fashion guru, who consistently slams Lindsay? s style, I totally jock this bitch. You better believe I was P ? U ? M ? Ped when I saw pictures of Lindsay rocking an outfit that I OWN. Lindsay and Sam

In the latest gossip, her former publicist JJ is reporting on his blog that the reports are in fact true, and La La Lohan is now dating a lady. The lady in question is Lindsay? s DJ bestie, Samantha Ronson.

Page Six was the first to come out w/ these reports and we? re glad they? re true. Personally, I like the idea of Lindsay as a Lezbot. Again, I don? t know why, I just like everything she does. If it were up to me she be dating another lipstick lesbian not a Boy George wanna be with breasts. I can totally see her hooking up with Cory Kennedy once she comes of age.

I can? t wait until ? the book? comes out and JJ reveals which other lovely ladies of Hollywoodland Ms. Lohans been with. I just hope Brit? s not on that list. Skeevy.