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Now We Know Where Quentin Tarantino Got The Idea For Kill Bill: His Lovely Wife. 03.Sep.2007

Will wrestle for foodGosh, she's got that cute little homicidal gleam in her eye, doesn't she? I hope Quentin sleeps with one eye open ... and 911 on the speed dial.

Say hello to Tiffany Limos, Quentin Tarantino's sort of wife. She's kind of intimidating, isn't she? You know who takes out the garbage in that house.

Perhaps being around someone who's always grumpy is having an effect on Quentin's usually sunny disposition. On a recent flight on Filippines National Airline, Tarantino was such a pissy little diva that a flight attendant was reduced to tears. Tarantino was pushed on board by Tiffany in a wheelchair, complaining of a bad back. After being esconced in first class, Tarantino complained that he was unable to get comfortable in his seat - you know how cramped it can be in first class. He demanded that he either be allowed to lay on the floor or sit in a flight attendant seat, both of which are considered a no-no due to safety concerns.

Had Mr. Tarantino been on an American flight, a nice crew of federal agents would have been waiting at the gate to lock his stupid ass up. Because he was flying Filippine Air, he wasn't arrested, but told never to come back.

Guess he found a way out of visiting the in-laws.