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Those Lyin' Bitches! Speidi Breakup Exposed As A Sham, Heidi Overwhelmed By Franken-tits She Claims She Doesn't Want 16.Sep.2010

As big as her head but not quite as emptyYeah, just like we thought. The whole thing was just a desperate cry for attention: the divorce announcement, the dog-custody exchange, the rifles at the airport, the whole shebang was nothin' but bullshit. So now the two idiots are back from their extended Costa Rican vacation and we're going to have to put up with their usual almost-daily barrage of nonsense ... or are we?

I don't know about all of you, but I am sick to death of Heidi and Spencer. They have nothing going on. No shows in the works - not that I would watch anything they do anyway - they're either broke or almost broke, and are about as much fun as watching hair grow. So why do we put up with their shit? Maybe if we just ignore them, they'll finally just go away.

Hey! That's it. Let's all pretend that Heidi and Spencer don't exist, have never existed, will never be. No more Spencer and his wanna be a Unabomber but don't have the balls. No more Heidi and her wanna be a serious actress but never got past Cat In The Hat. None of that. No more, I say! From here on in, PrettyBoring is now Speidi-free. There. Don't you feel better already? I know I do.