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Jessica Simpson Got Into The Wrong Limo Again. Is Tony Romo Like John Mayer? 25.Mar.2008

You don't look like Tony. Don't touch me there.Last year John let Jessica get into the wrong limo, then got a good chuckle texting his friends while the driver searched frantically for her. It was the beginning of the end of something that just shouldn't have been.

It took Papa Joe a while, but he finally found another guy for his DD-little darling: Tony Romo, who seems to be sticking around for a little while (it's the off-season). The couple has been seen in Cabo a couple of times, and out on the town here and there, but he's not much of a club creature; it makes you wonder if she's climbing the walls yet.

Will Tony be the next Mr. Simpson? Maybe. Will he resist Papa Joe's efforts to get them to do a reality show? Hopefully; if not, the union doesn't stand a chance. And what does Daisy think? We haven't heard from the real brains of the bunch. Will he pass the Daisy test or will she piss in his loafers, too?