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We Get It Jessica And Halle. You Really, Really Like Being Pregnant. 11.Jan.2008

Pregnant AlbaHalle Berry and Jessica Alba really like being pregnant. They like their feet swelling and morning sickness and stretchmarks. Well, they didn't say that but they have been telling reporters that they really, really like their pregnant status. Probably because they are finally eating whatever they want. Or maybe it is because they are two of the most beautiful women in the world and they look like the friggin' Madonna with their baby bumps. Jessica says she has never been happier (or maybe she just says that because it wasn't planned. Though she did get a marriage proposal out of the deal which actually may have been part of the plan) and Halle actually said she wants to be "pregnant forever." That may be taking it a bit too far Halle. Pregnant forever! I don't think they will let you be a Bond girl if you are pregnant. Just something to consider. Pregnant Berry