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Bad Boob Job: Kelly Bensimon's Distant Breasts Haven't Seen Each Other In Years 22.Apr.2009

They're on opposite sides of her torso. Just what are they up to?

If you're not familiar with her name, Kelly Bensimon is a former model and current New York socialite. Recently she was arrested for beating up her much younger boyfriend, and she's also starring on Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City. I would imagine Bethenny Frankel and the Countess of Nothing have a grand old time watching Kelly's errant boobs make a break for her back.

Perhaps Kelly's a bit distracted. Monday's Page Six featured the tale of Celeste Greenberg, a former colleague of Kelly's when she worked at Elle. Celeste is suing Kelly for stealing her owl. No, not a real one, a piece of jewelry Celeste dug up for a fashion shoot. She claims they struck a verbal agreement to market it together but Kelly went ahead and added it to her line without any agreement or compensation.

Kelly's peeps are denying the whole thing, but I wonder. If Celeste can somehow prove her claims she may be awarded a percentage of the sales of the piece, but it sounds like she's got an uphill battle on her hands. Especially if Kelly comes after her the way she did her little boyfriend.