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Hayden And Ne-yo: Jungle Fever Or Random Hook-up? 25.Nov.2007

Didn't this girl just turn 18 like, six months ago? Yes, she did, and now she's letting the world get a glimpse of the "real Hayden" here and there. She's been on the club scene for years, just biding her time until she got her break. With Heroes she has arrived and seems primed and ready to take over where LaLohan left off.

Hayden has been rumored to be dating a number of guys, most notably her 30-year-old co-star, Milo Ventimeatyloaf or whatever his name is. Maybe she's got that itch for the co-star that Angelina Jolie always comes down with, because she seems to have moved on ... to rapper Ne-Yo. Hayden and Ne-Yo, 25, were on a 48-hour goodwill tour of Ronald McDonald Houses in Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia and New York recently. Tongues began wagging when the two were seen returning to the same hotel after a "night of partying". (Not uncommon when a third party is footing the bill.) They were also seen holding hands and looking "cozy" at Butter in New York. (Ne-Yo said he was helping her because of her "torturous" shoes.)

Why is this 18-year-old kid traveling all over the world without her mother? Just because she's a club creature doesn't mean she can take care of herself in the real world. And don't tell me Lesley is working on a reality show or grooming a younger sibling. Her big googly eyes scare me.