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Jon And Kate To Separate, Then Litigate, With A Possible $10 Mil At Stake 27.May.2009

Screw them. We'll get our own show.Gee. What a shock. (Not.) The only shocking thing is their alleged net worth - $10 million. Is that even fair? Why should such a miserable bitch be so richly rewarded for being such an animal? I'm not talking about her ovaries, I'm talking about the way she treats others.

After keeping up pretenses long enough to boost their flagging ratings, it's rumored that Jon and Kate have separated and have each consulted divorce attorneys "behind each other's backs". Like that's such a big deal - they're only together when filming, so I'm sure it wasn't that hard.

What's really sad is that while everyone's buzzing over who gets the money, no one's talking about who gets the babies. I'd say they're better off with Jon since she seems to dump them on him while she does her book promos and speaking engagements; he only leaves them with a sitter when he wants to get laid. I hope that someone has the sense to put aside some of that undeserved income for the children's college funds. Somehow I don't see that happening, though. Expect to see Kate with a new set of boobs and a fleet of Escalades, while Jon will probably spend his share on pizza and beer, his favorite sex aids.