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Britney Creates Another Amber Alert Moment At Dance Studio: If She Can't Have Her Babies, Then Yours Will Have To Do 12.Feb.2008

Dude, RUN! I think I hear her coming ...The little ladies of a school-age dance class at Britney's favorite studio got a special treat when she decided to "teach" a dance class there yesterday. The mothers of the little girls got a lucky break, too, when their children were returned unharmed by the crazy lady in the red underwear.

Everybody talks about how unstable Britney is, how out of control her behavior still is, despite everything her parents are doing to stabilize her. She hasn't seen her sons in six weeks. Her father took away (and hopefully incinerated) the dreaded pink wig. He took away her credit cards, her cars, and banned the enablers. She's got no outlet, people, and the pressure is building. She's going to snap again soon, and I wouldn't want my children within 1,000 miles of her when she does.

I feel so sorry for Britney. She's surrounded by mercenaries and I'm not sure even her father can break her out of her unreal lifestyle. But this is a woman who's been admitted to a psych ward twice in the last month. She's not ready to be trusted with any child's welfare.