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Naomi Campbell Will Never Make Mile-high Club On British Airways, Blames Racism 06.Apr.2008

Remorse much? Girlfriend, you must be kidding. People don't treat you differently because of your skin color. People treat you differently because you scare the shit out of them. They're just bending over backwards to get you the hell out of there before you blow a gasket and hurt somebody.

Naomi Campbell was arrested at Heathrow Airport on Friday for going bonkers when one of her bags was lost during check-in. When airline personnel tried to placate her, she became even more abusive and police were called. Naomi reportedly called them names as well and spit on them, and they cuffed her and brought her in.

Naomi claims she she was arrested because of her color, and not because she's a raving lunatic with terrible impulse control. In interviews she blames her rages on her father's abandonment of her while she was an infant. If she takes after her mother you can hardly blame the guy. He must have been afraid for his very life. And probably still is.