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Burt Reynolds In Rehab: Is It Too Late To Claim Impacted Wisdom Tooth? 16.Sep.2009

Seems to have made an ass out of himselfHey, better late than never, right? I guess 73 isn't too old to finally get your shit together.

Maybe he's hoping for a comeback. He hasn't worked in a very long time. Maybe he had too much time on his hands and got into malarkey with his pain medication. It's probably more likely, however, that years of abusing alcohol and prescription drugs finally caught up with him.

After he was found dazed and contused in his home, Burt was rushed to an emergency room, where the doctors felt he wasn't stable enough to release and admitted him for a psych watch. From there, doctors would release him only if he went straight to the 'hab, which he reluctantly did. Reportedly Burt has already been released - there's no word on exactly how long he was in, but it seems an awful quick trip for someone who's probably had issues for years. I hope it was long enough to do him some good.