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Prettyboring Knows The Real Reason Michael Bolton Hasn't Married Nicolette Sheridan Yet 21.Feb.2008

You have to choose, Michael: Them or me? It's got nothing to do with waiting for the hair transplants to grow in. They've both grown accustomed to his shiny pate, and have even been known to laugh at older pictures of Michael with his long, straggly hair.

It has nothing to do with production schedules, writers' strikes, fertility treatments or pending surgical procedures. Neither Michael or Nicolette have any immediately pending projects. Other than a paid vacation gig here or there, they've got nothing but time to spend together, and their love for each other is genuine.

So what's stopping them? Something any divorced parent who learns to love again has experienced: Michael's three daughters hate Nicolette. They hate her so much they refused to spend the holidays on St. Bart with their father and Nic, forcing him to rent them a separate house on St. Maarten. As a parent that sounds terribly indulgent to me, but Nicolette does look like she could be a rather ... stern ... stepmother, doesn't she?