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Hideous Sea Monster Washes Up On Montauk Beach: Someone Should Count The Kardashians 04.Aug.2008

Has anyone seen Shim?

It's tourist season in the Hamptons, and you can never be sure who's going to show up. Folks like Heather Mills, Paris Hilton ... a crazed publicist using her father's SUV for crowd control (Hello, Lizzie! Yes, we remember you!), anything goes in the Hamptons in the summer.

We thought we'd seen everything, and then we saw this: That looks like Ken Paves hair

For folks not familiar with Long Island geography, Montauk Point is just a few miles from the Plum Island Research Facility, a fun and happenin' place where they play with deadly diseases and (allegedly) biochemical weapons. No one knows for sure what goes on there, but if this is a product or victim of this government testing, it might be time to move.

It does look an awful lot like Shim, though, doesn't it?