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Mischa Barton Will Miss Out On The Beautiful Life If She Can't Shake The Coke Bloat 19.Jul.2009

Before & after: No happy mediumThey say she's a "suicidal, uninsurable mess", that she ended up in the psych ward after a three-day coke binge. Uh, three days? More like three years. This was long overdue, and if her parents didn't have the courage or decency to do the right thing, at least her friends did. Or maybe they got sick of giving her money. Either way, what's done is done. Hopefully Mischa will recover and clean up her act; can the same be said about her career?

She was supposed to fly out to New York to promote her new film, The Homecoming, which will probably get a lot more media play now that she rocked out. Instead of focusing on her career, Mischa was running around some hotel pool topless. Now the CW is getting ready to begin filming its new series, The Beautiful Life, and they've made it clear they will keep to schedule - the show will film with or without its resident coke whore.

And where will that leave Mischa? Broke, strung out, and probably unemployable. In other words, just like some other washed-up young starlet whose future was once so bright. Hey, maybe Blohan Productions can give Mischa a job! At the very least she'd make a great ... courier (read: mule).