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Tom Cruise Was First Choice For Edward Scissorhands, Movie Came Thisclose To Sucking 19.Apr.2008

Tommy Scissorhands? Nope. Not feeling it.What a difference that would have made. Johnny Depp was amazing in Edward Scissorhands; he made us empathize, then fall in love with, a hideous creature. I don't think that little Tommy Cruise has the range or depth to elicit that kind of response from his audiences. Risky Business isn't in the same league; neither are Magnolia or Vanilla Sky for that matter.

Even in his most acclaimed roles, it really wasn't Tom that made the film memorable: In The Color of Money it was all Paul Newman; in Rainman it was Dustin Hoffman; in A Few Good Men it was all Nicholson. Many say he was great in Jerry Maguire, but by that time everything Tom said and did just rankled me, like nails on a blackboard.

Johnny Depp, on the other hand, has done so many memorable roles it's hard to list them all. He's done everything from horror (Nightmare on Elm Street) to romantic comedy (Don Juan DeMarco) to serious drama (Donnie Brasco) to kiddie movies (Willie Wonka and Pirates of the Caribbean) and was brilliant in all genres. Depp, and not Cruise, will go down in history as being our generation's outstanding actor.