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Dirty, Dirty Girl, Part Ii: Jlo Sex Tape - Without The Skeletor 04.Nov.2009

He'll stand by her, but oh, she'll paySkeletor had nothing to do with the making of this film. The alleged sorta sex tape, shot with her first husband, Ojani Noa, was probably made about ten years ago, way before P Diddy or Bennifer.

There is no alleged sex in this alleged sex tape, though. Instead, there are shots of Jennifer in her bra and undies, or hopping onto a motorcycle in a short skirt with no undies. In all the scenes her world famous ass is on prominent display.

That first husband of hers has really made himself a pest. He tried to write a tell-all book, but she got an injunction to stop him. The guy's probably hard up for a buck and looking to cash in any way he can. Gotta wonder what Skeletor thinks of all this. He's worked so hard to revamp her image from sexy diva to suburban housewife. He may go on another one of his sweaty rampages again.