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Scientology Will Make You Old. Leah Remini Looks Like She Went To Clown College. 28.Jul.2007

I always liked Leah on King of Queens, and yes, she always did wear a lot of makeup, but damn, did she go to Barnum & Bailey's School of Cosmetology?

All hail Emperor Xenu

Or maybe it's the strain of having to tithe over a huge chunk of her residuals to stay in the good graces of Church hierarchy. She's got to figure that hanging out with folks like John Travolta and Tom Cruise will eventually pay off career-wise. I mean, look at what it's done for Jenna Elfman.

Is Leah doomed to be just another church groupie? Hasn't she noticed that work will dry up once she's branded with the mark of Xenu? Maybe she can work for Mary Kay - what a spokesperson she would make! She could wear the entire line all at once.