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Lisa Rinna Spotted Walking Raisins Without Raisin Sling 18.Jul.2008

Raisins make her happyHmm. Perhaps it's time to freshen up those implants. They're heading south faster than the stock market. Ah, but those lips? They could stop a battleship headed full steam ahead. Just. Like. That.

I've always liked Lisa Rinna. I think she's funny and cute, and she married one of my 80s crushes, Harry Hamlin. He's still pretty hot. They have a beautiful family, and she owns a successful boutique in Sherman Oaks, CA called Belle Gray. You can check it out online here.

While she may be experiencing some sag in her funbags, Lisa is now 45, and I guess it's to be expected. She is in phenomenal shape, though. I guess Harry's a lucky guy, too.