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Prettyboring Brings You The Private World Of Anna Wintour, Sex Kitten 17.Sep.2007

Meow! This is why Andre Leon Talley will always play second fiddle to Ms. Wintour. He could never pull this look off.

Move over, Angelina

By day, Anna Wintour is the high priestess of haute couture. By night, she becomes a high priestess of such flab-baring hotness as the hot pink strapless terry romper. Ai, papi!

I've always thought there was something more there besides the keenest eye in the fashion world. Just look at the abject sexuality just simmering below her pasty flesh. Note the look of serenity and self-satisfaction on her usually frowning face. I wonder what she's sitting on.

Our hats are off once again to the artistic genius that is Planet Hiltron, without whom we'd be stuck with our imaginations. That would probably be much worse.