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Peta Is Anti Fur And Anti Britney ... And Anti Paris 29.Jul.2007

PETA just can not stand these celebs who love to piss through money. They are especially unhappy with their constant puppy purchases. First Britney got her hands on a new plaything, Paris soon followed suit. Then PETA got out their pen and spiral notebook and put their rage on paper.

Dear Paris and Britney, So, you have popped into a pet store to pick up some more doggie arm candy. Your impulse purchases of dogs encourage others to follow suit, no matter how ill-equipped they are to provide a decade or more of care for a little dog who has feelings and needs and who requires patience, veterinary care, and stimulation other than nightclub music and bar laughter. Also, for every pet store puppy purchased, a pound puppy dies (and a breeder -- probably somewhere in Arkansas or Missouri -- is rewarded for adding yet another litter to the pet overpopulation crisis). A California bill that would have required most dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered-and therefore would have helped reduce the taxpayer burden for disposing of (killing) homeless animals-was recently defeated by greedy breeders. Perhaps you and other vacuous stars need to tattoo "Don't buy while pound pups die" on your foreheads to remind each other of that home truth. Very truly yours, Ingrid E. Newkirk, President PETA

Oh Snap! I agree with PETA (even though they have a tendency to go overboard and be a tad militant...). The silver lining is even if these young starlets ignore their pooches, they will at least have sassy sweaters to wear.