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John Mayer Meets The Parents, Makes Fun Of Jen's Manly, Wrinkled Face 21.Nov.2008

I missed you guys. Make sure you get my good side.He hasn't turned over any new leaf. This man is a playah, and no good can come of this. At least not for Jen.

In an effort to make things between Mayer and his client look more serious than they are, keeping her name in print as her opening dates approach, a certain publicist planted an item in The Sun that Jen brought John to a meet-the-parents dinner in a Beverly Hills restaurant, where he was a nervous wreck and tried to impress the folks with his music knowledge. Even if the story were true, he hardly strikes me as the type who cares what the 'rents think of him. He just wants to rush them out the door so he can get back to business.

The National Enquirer is running their own story that seems a bit closer to the truth. They claim that Jen is "fed up with his wisecracks about her age lines," and that he makes nasty cracks about her big chin and saggy areas. I'm no Aniston fan, and I've made it a hobby to knock her chiseled, masculine face, but that girl doesn't sag anywhere. He sounds like a pissy little bitch who has to knock a girl down to keep the upper hand. He used to play the same headgames with Jessica, but I thought Jen was smarter than that. I hope he doesn't break her heart too badly this time.