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Are Jlo And Skeletor In Trouble? They Must Be Broke Already 20.Dec.2008

Needs to find a man with some meat on his bonesWith their lifestyle and Marc's history of tax delinquency anything's possible. His records are still selling, but her last album and last couple of films went nowhere. And perhaps that's where the problem really lies.

This week's Us Weekly features an alleged insider's account of marital strife for Max and Emme's parents. It's not a big surprise. Pictures of the couple from the past six months or so show a marked difference in intimacy between them. Where they used to smile and stare into each other's eyes, now she does that stupid diva pose while he scowls off into the opposite direction. They're a bit distant.

At the root of their troubles may well be Jennifer's discontent with life in suburbia. Used to being the center of attention and a first class diva, she's had to eat a series of cinema flops and has gained a reputation for being more trouble than she's worth. She is also said to blame Marc for her career nosedive, and there may be a little truth to that, too; he's always been very controlling of her, limiting her press exposure and social life, cutting her off from her paparazzi love. It's no wonder she resents him so. If in fact she does. He has lasted longer than the others, but that could just be because of the babies.