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Note To Parents Of Miley Cyrus: If Your Child Keeps Taking Inappropriate Pictures Of Herself, Take The Camera Away! 25.May.2008

Who keeps selling these to the media? Mom? Dad? Miley? That's like saying your child keeps burning the house down but you leave the matches and gasoline can right outside his room ...

Miley's situation, thankfully, is nowhere near as serious, but the logic remains the same. If your child continues to harm herself with something, you remove that something from her environment. Miley is obviously gaining an appreciation for her adolescent body and is eager to show it off. She's not getting naked just yet ... but she sure is inching up to that line. Right now she's in the land of the Duffs, but the Lohanus terribilus clan is right around the corner. If they get their dirty little acrylic nail tips into Miley it's all over. I wouldn't put it past Orange Oprah either. I hear the new reality show is getting horrible reviews (not a surprise), and once the network figures out that she can't get Lindsay to appear she's going to have to find a suitable high-profile replacement.