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Maneating Strippers Strike Again: Matthew Fox Latest Star To Get Lost In The Titty Bar 24.Feb.2010

Smell my finger!What is it with all these ambitious starf**king strippers lately? Tiger Woods, Josh Duhamel, and now Lost's Matthew Fox have all fallen prey to the expertly applied lap dance. Back in the old days the strip club was a great way for a married guy to get his kicks without strings or any fear of exposure; these days the strippers are chasing famous dick for financial security. Bag a big one and you can hang up your pasties for good.

The National Enquirer somehow dug up a 26-year-old stripper named Stefani Talbott, who works the pole at a place in Oregon. Stefani says that she's been having an affair with the married dad and has the voice and text messages to prove it. Fox swears he hasn't hit that, but that might be hard to deny if those messages are in fact released. He's been married for over ten years, but there's no word what, if any, effect this little shit storm is having on his marriage.

This brings me back to my original point: what is up with these strippers? More importantly, when are these famous men going to wise up? Titty bars are not brothels; you're supposed to look but not touch. If you can't keep your hands to yourself, you're gonna get in trouble. People love to talk, especially when there's a tabloid waving a fat check at them. A scandal like that can be devastating to a career, as Tiger would surely attest to. Memo to famous dudes: Keep it in your pants and bring it home, where it belongs.