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Does Danielynn Have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? The "eyes" May Say So 14.Jan.2008

DanielynnAs Cord at Mollygood says, "poisoned trees bear bruised fruit". Anna Nicole's daughter, Danielynn, may need surgery to correct strabismus, what used to be called a "lazy eye". According to Papa Larry, doctors are trying to correct the condition with an eye patch; he lost his father last year after surgery and isn't crazy about the idea.

Larry says he quizzed the doctors about how Danielynn could have acquired this condition, and that none of the pills she was taking were a likely cause. He should have dug a little deeper - eye disorders are a common symptom of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). Hey, it could be worse - at least she doesn't have cauliflower ear - but the worst could be yet to come, and probably won't be known until she reaches school age. She is a cute little dickens, isn't she?