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Are You Ready For Charlie's Angels The Tv Show?! 21.Nov.2009

Charlie's AngelsApparently Charlie's Angels which started off as a TV show and then became a movie and is now apparently becoming a TV show again. It is a great formula. Hot chicks who can kick butt working for a mysterious man. So pretty much if you think about it Charlie's Angels was the precursor for Alias, Buffy and pretty much any show about female spies or female cops. If they get this right the cast this could be a hit or it could end up like Eastwick. Possible contenders for the girls are Jordana Brewster, Eliza Dushku, Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell and for some reason Claire Danes is one of the names most mentioned. Because she made The Mod Squad so awesome? I mean when I think of butt-kicking, alpha females i totally think of Claire Danes. How is she going to beat someone up? By doing really intense yoga? It will be interesting to see how this show evolves. Stay tuned. Claire Danes