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Patrick Swayze Out Of The Hospital, But Not Out Of The Woods 21.Jan.2009

Such a shamePatrick Swayze may not be beating pancreatic cancer after all. According to the National Enquirer, who originally broke the story of Patrick's illness, his cancer has spread to his lungs - hardly surprising, since he's still smoking, but terribly sad all the same.

The Enquirer says that Patrick had a "secret cancer operation" shortly after filming his interview with Barbara Walters to remove a "deadly stomach blockage", and that his condition has not improved despite the best efforts of his medical team. Right after Christmas he went back into the hospital for what his reps said was pneumonia; according to their experts (who are not treating and wouldn't know Patrick from any other dirty dancer) this was most likely the cancer spreading to his lungs and lymph nodes. If so, they predict he has less than a 10% chance of survival.

What makes pancreatic cancer so often deadly is that it has no symptoms until later stages; by the time the patient feels pain it's usually too late. It is also extremely aggressive and one of the most quickly-spreading forms of the disease, and unfortunately the treatment is so toxic it's almost as brutal to the body as the disease itself. I hope Patrick stays strong and proves the tabloids wrong this time. I swear I'll sit through all of Roadhouse if he does. Not just the fight scenes, but the whole thing. Swear.