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Oprah Porn Cruise: Who Was The Naked Drunk Man Sleeping On Her Couch? 15.Jul.2009

Which do YOU think she likes better? Now that's a job perk. Imagine your boss flying 2,000 people to Spain, then throwing in a 10-day cruise, just because she can. Oprah and her very lucky employees must've had themselves one helluva ball. There were people getting busted having sex up on deck, one guy who got too f**ked up on shore to make it back to the boat, there was even a naked man found sleeping on a couch outside the club entrance at 5 in the morning. Of course Oprah's dearest sweetest ahem friend Gayle was at her side because really, a luxury cruise with bottomless buckets of booze is so not a place to bring your perpetual beard, I mean, gentleman friend. What happened to Stedman? Has he been decommissioned again?

I don't see what the big deal would be if Oprah was to suddenly come out with the news that she's really not strictly dickly after all. She'd just have to watch for that crazy Prejean bitch. She'd probably never make it through security, but still ...

I for one hope that Oprah had a great time, whether it was with Gayle, the naked drunk man or whoever else caught her eye. It must be really hard to meet someone when you're like the richest woman on TV. And you have six toes.