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Celebrity Incest: Morgan Freeman Marrying Step-granddaughter, Shauna Sands Boinked Stepson 09.Jul.2009

I TOLD you guys there was something weird about that voice!And we're all supposed to believe that these twisted, immoral f**ks conveniently waited until the object of their affection turned 18? Gimme a break.

In a stunning twist sure to crush the heart of Michael K., Shauna Sand reportedly cheated on Lorenzo Lamas with his own son. That poor kid will be scarred for life. I wonder if this came to light during the divorce proceedings, or if it's just coming out now for some monetary reason. Maybe they haven't divvied up the money yet and he wants to cut her out. Bitch should be in jail.

While that's bad, what Morgan Freeman has allegedly done (and may still be doing) with his step-granddaughter, a child he raised in his own home, is far worse. She's now 27, but they've been carrying on for at least ten years already, which would mean she was only 17 when Grampy started paying her midnight visits. Again, bitch should be in jail. I can never watch March of the Penguins again without thinking of that dirty old man and cringing.