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Is Amy Winehouse Pregnant? I Guess We Can Rule Out Coke Bloat 27.Dec.2008

They tried to make me get a suntan, I said no, no, no ...According to her friends and family, Amy is enjoying a drug-free Caribbean vacation for the holidays. While she is still drinking, she hasn't been seen strung out in public for months. Reportedly the last time Amy did drugs was the night Blake broke into her hospital room before being re-incarcerated. Is knowing that he's safely behind bars for the next year or so giving her the strength to get her life together, or does she have another, better reason?

Amy's been doing a lot of topless sunbathing lately, and she's definitely put on some much-needed weight. Also gone are the hideous sores and lesions that used to cover her face and the cuts and scratches all over her arms. She seems happier, at ease and enjoying herself. She also seems to be a bit thicker in the middle. From certain angles, she even kinda sorta maybe looks ... pregnant. Doesn't she?

But is she? Good God, I hope not. Whether Blake's the father or not, any baby would be tremendously at risk for complications or defects because of her drug abuse. Besides, she needs to concentrate on getting herself well first. She looks like she's well on her way. May this be her best year yet.