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Why Did Diddy Make Naomi Cry On Her Birthday? Was It Her Unsightly Bald Spot Or Her Poor Choice In Companion? 27.May.2008

Bitch, get OFF my boat!These two have hated each other for years, but no one knows just why. It has to be something pretty bad; you never see Diddy lose his cool like that, especially with a woman, in public. God only knows what he may be like behind closed doors, but in public he is a gentleman of sorts.

Naomi, on the other hand, is an 8-foot tall raving psychotic considered armed and dangerous (as long as she's got arms, she's dangerous). Nothing scares her. It took at least a dozen (OK, maybe 3 or 4) bobby cops to subdue her in her most recent Heathrow rampage. So how can such a formidable beast be reduced to tears by such a metrosexual OCD case?

Naomi was out and about in Cannes, celebrating her birthday when she decided to crash Diddy's boat party. A short time later Naomi left in hysterics. Was it the fact that she crashed? Or was it her date, convicted con artist Christophe Rocancourt, who swindled hundreds of thousands from wealthy investors - many of whom were in attendance. Maybe Diddy, or someone he cares about, were victims as well. Naomi had to know of his history - it was a thoughtless act to bring him back to what may be the scene of some of his crimes.