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Omfg! No More New Gossip Girl Until March? 11.Dec.2009

Gossip GirlThanks Winter Olympics. Yes no more of the getting to a point of ridiculous Gossip Girl until March so soak up your current memories of Serena? s over-exposed breasts (you know why you were cold in the cabin Serena? Because you weren? t wearing a bra with your wrap sweater moron) because you won? t see them for a while except of course for whenever Blake Lively goes out in public (did you see her SNL monologue dress? The girl knows how to work the twins). Anyway, a break may be good for the writers to think of new interesting things besides Kennedy-esque political scandals. It looks like Chuck? s mom is coming back from the dead which is more of a Season 6 thing or a soap opera thing but hey, why not? I also love that on 90210 the fact that Annie is dating a drug dealer is like this horrible, dangerous thing but on Gossip Girl we are all routing for Jenny to get together with that cute drug dealer because frankly she needs to stop talking about being a Queen Bee or whatever. And will Dan and Vanessa ever get together? They definitely have more sexual chemistry than Dan and the Duffster who got out of there as soon as she could.Gossip Girl