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Spinster Moon Over Manhattan: Bethenny Frankel Shoves Naked Ass In Spotlight 26.May.2009

Look at my ass!Although such exhibitionism is grossly inappropriate for a book signing, no one said a word in protest. It was infinitely better than looking at the other end of her, all dead eyes and spray tan.

Is this the woman who called Martha a loser because she put her career before love? Martha may not be perfect, but she sure as hell never flashed her ass to a mob of reporters - not even when she was sentenced to jail. Martha kept her head high and her skirts down. Bethenny should learn to do the same.

Perhaps Bethenny will claim this was some kind of a wardrobe malfunction. You know, she had her big girl bloomers on but her assistant took them when she wasn't looking. Was she on something? She doesn't have that pinched, stressed look on her face. Maybe she's happier with her ass in the breeze.