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Biden Cocaine Tapes: Extortion Or No, Why Does This Woman Still Have A Job? 06.Apr.2009

Oh, shit. Party's over.OK, so she was set up. But what the f**k was a social worker with the Delaware Department of Children, Youth & Families doing blowing rails? Don't be fooled by the campaign pictures: Ashley Biden is no innocent, and this is not her first brush with drugs. She was popped for weed in 1999.

Despite her hard-partying ways, Ashley graduated from college and became a social worker. Whether her "Drug Czar" father pulled some strings to get her the job she has no business holding is unclear, but he sure seemed to look the other way while she lived it up.

This current scandal involves a certain unscrupulous friend of Ashley's who decided to get rich filming her doing lines. He even bought the blow. When his first attempt wasn't watchable, he went out and bought more blow, invited her back, cut the lines and handed her the straw. Too bad for him that no one cared enough to buy the footage.

So what punishment will Ashley face for her drug use? Michael Phelps lost millions in endorsements and was publicly scolded by his mother, and his suppliers all got locked up. At the very least she should lose her job - and get some help while she's at it.