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Mcsteamy And Wife Get High & Naked But Don't Have Sex On Film. Did They Pay For It? 19.Aug.2009

Doesn't look too upsetThat's what some people are saying, that Kari Ann Whatsherface was working as a madam of sorts, arranging threesomes for the famous couple. I haven't actually seen the video, but I hear Gawker's got it - check it out here. See? No sex, just some wasted horny folks getting naked together. No biggie.

It's not the first time we've seen Rebecca Gayheart naked in the tub - last time she had her trusty crack pipe in hand. This time apparently she got all that illicit drug-taking out of the way before turning on the video camera.

Unlike most celebrity sex tapes, however, there was no actual sex - at all - on the tape. Maybe that was all the foreplay they needed. And who sold it to the media? Believe it or not, Mindy McCready. That's right. As if all this wasn't weird enough, apparently Kari was roommates with Mindy on Celebrity Rehab and Mindy stole her hard drive. You know, because between honky tonks and DWIs Mindy is one wicked hacker. It's just weird, weird, weird.