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Kim Kardashian Under Strict Orders To Run Off Some Of That Huge Ass 17.Jul.2008

It was OK thenThat shit has been getting a little out of control lately. I'm surprised they don't make her buy an extra seat when she flies. You always see her going in and out of the gym, yet still, the big ass remains.

Perhaps Kim should pick up the pace on the treadmill, or maybe lay off the all-you-can-eat pancakes, because even her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, has had enough of that big thing bouncing around. According to a Page Six eavesdropper, Reggie is pushing Kim to work out hard. Whatever that means to a girl like Kim.

Why is Reggie trying to change Kim now? Isn't her gigantic rump what attracted him in the first place? Is he sick of his friends busting on his bodacious lady? Kim always said she was happy with her overdeveloped curves. If their relationship is going to work, he should be, too.