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Gollum Gone Wild: Samantha Ronson And Joe Francis Hate Each Other. What Really Happened? 30.Oct.2008

You should see me work a poleWell ... it's a long story. You might want to tell your children to leave the room.

Joe Francis is hardly a pillar of virtue. He's made millions getting young (sometimes too young) girls drunk and conning them into exposing themselves. He spent months in jail for being a pompous dick, only to emerge douchier than ever. And now he's got it out for Blohan's little troll.

On a recent appearance on the "Tyra Banks Show", Joe said that Lindsay is not gay, that she's being controlled by this ... wretched woman, this Samantha." Kind of like what Papa Lohan said, only dumbed down. It's what a lot of people are saying, actually, but it sounds even worse coming from such a slimy piehole.

Not to be undone, Sam told Page Six that Joe is "one of the more disgusting human beings in the world because of what he does . . . He's a [bleep]bag." I'd love to know what that [bleep] stands for. Really, I would. But I think there's more to this whole hate fest than meets the eye. There was a time not too long ago when Lindsay was friends with Joe, vacationing at his Mexican home, partying on his dime, accepting his expensive gifts, all without a care in the world. Maybe Joe thought he could keep her hooked until such a time that she could persuaded to join his roster. Maybe Sam auditioned and he turned her down. You know hell hath no fury like a boy-woman scorned.