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Zac Efron To Play Ren In Footloose Remake. May Also Do Naked Horsey Role 11.Oct.2008

High School Musical: The CartoonFunny, I think he looks more like Stimpy. Vanessa is a dead ringer for Ren.

I'm just being silly. It's not that Ren we're talking about here. Rather it's Ren McCormack, the lead role in Footloose, that 80s classic that starred Kevin Bacon. In the latest rehashed idea to hit Hollywood, the director of High School Musical 3 wants to cast Zac in a musical remake of the film. Director Kenny Ortega says, "I think he? d be the perfect, perfect, perfect candidate to step in. I mean he? s got this global excitement, this wonderful know-how.?

But that's not all. In addition to his know-how, the pretty little music man may also be getting to show his nu-nu; Zac is also thinking about baring his teeny weiner onstage in Equus, in the role currently being played by Daniel Ratcliffe. That's just so Disney of him. What is it about working for the Mouse that makes its alumni such exhibitionists?